The Homelab Show Ep. 111 – Open Source, Firewalls, and Other Updates
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Open Source, Firewalls, and Other UpdatesWikipedia List of router and firewall distributions… IPCop “The Bad Packets Stop Here” started 2001 ended 2019 Smoothwal started 2000 ended Last download for smoothwall org / express was 2014 (only has one supported on their buy me a coffee page) ClearOS is the successor to ClarkConnect and had the concept of being the all in one firewall, VPN, Proxy, Email server, web server, print server, user manager, and file server. Bought by HP and updates seem to have stopped Zentyal very simliar to ClearOS, started 2009, seem to stil have a commercial offering last open source release was January 6 2021 last news update on their blog was from July 2021… Endian Firewall is a fork of the Linux firewall IPCop, They do still offer a community edition called that can be downloaded via Sourceforge feature comparison… 
* IPFire also a fork of IPCop is still active but no Wireguard support, very little documentation, VLAN setup very confusing OpenWrt started 2004 and is still active, but I have not used it so I can not really speak to it’s overall functionality or ease of use.
* VyOS is a fork of Vyatta, still active offers, They offer free latest snapshot builds or self-compiled stable. Stable builds require subscription which start at $8,000 per year. They are working on a web interface but most features need to be done via the command line. m0n0wall was an embedded firewall distribution of FreeBSD pfSense: Forked from the m0n0wall project in 2004, first released was in 2006
* pfsense 2006 to present
* OPNsense forked from pfsense in 2015

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