The Homelab Show Ep. 12 – Public Cloud Alternatives
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Level1Tech Forums

HAProxy-WI – Run lots of public services on your home server

I Don’t Want to Live On This Planet Anymore: Epyc, Find Us a New One

The Homelab Show Ep. 11 – TrueNAS Storage
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LawrenceSystems TrueNAS Tutorials

FreeNAS / TrueNAS ZFS Pools RAIDZ RAIDZ2 RAIDZ3 Capacity, Integrity, and Performance

ZFS Metadata: Special Device And You!

The Homelab Show Ep. 10 – Getting Started With Ansible
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Show Notes:

The Homelab Show Ep. 08 – Automation

How to Install OpenShift 4.6 using Terraform on VMware with UPI

Build Automated Machine Images

The Homelab Show Ep. 07 – Containerization

Trusted Container Source

Alex OpenShift Article

Techno Tim YouTube

The Homelab Show Ep. 06 – Physical Networking

Interview on Cabling Standards with Dan

12U Rack Enclosure Server Cabinet – 22 in. Deep – Quiet – Wood Finish

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